Ancient history: Stage Script: Overlooked

Luke and Tim, both 17, sit beside each other at the Friday night football game. A pep-rally is scheduled for next Friday at the end of the school day . As captains of the soccer team, they are expected to have a short speech prepared to introduce the team. 

LUKE: Have you thought about the pep-rally next Friday? We should do something sweet this year. I’ve been thinking about this all day. Every year it’s the same thing. We get our 30 seconds, and the rest of the assembly is all about the football team. Why are they more important than anyone else? This year it should be about us. It’s time we get back. This could be our one chance to get even. How cool would it be if this crowd was at our games?


Crowd roars at something on the field as Luke pauses to look at Tim’s ambivalent reaction


LUKE: Dude, you know no one else is going to do it. No other sport has been singled out like soccer is. How many years have we put up with their taunts every day? “Field-fairy, soccer-fag…” It happens so often we almost don’t recognize it anymore… Every time I walk into the gym… Anytime I do something stupid… Anytime I do something cool… It’s as if we’re not worthy of the oxygen they breathe. I hate coming here.

Remember yesterday when the bus full of football players drove past our soccer practice? There were probably three coaches on that bus, and they didn’t hear the things that were yelled? Nobody cares. That’s why we have to stick up for ourselves this week. It’s time we finally put them in their place.


Did I tell you Greg spit in my face last week? I snuck out on Friday while Mom was passed out. So I’m at his party, just trying to have a good time, not doing anything to offend anyone, when they start talking about us, like they want to get me ticked off or something. Finally, I stood up for us and said something about soccer being way more difficult than football… I probably didn’t use those words, but that was more or less the gist of it. So Greg walks over with Mike and Bryan, and spits in my face. It was disgusting. Look at him, down there on the sidelines… he’s not even good.

The thing I really don’t understand is, the team sucks this year. Look at the score: 3-27. They’ve been riding on the coattails of older players for the past 3 years, and this year they’ve finally come crashing down to earth. Meanwhile, we’re sitting pretty at 3-0 on the season. You, and me, and the rest of our team have been playing together for 10 years. This is the year we’ve been waiting for all our lives. It’s time for us to really have our share of the spotlight.

So here’s my plan. You’ll have the mic first, and you say, “We’re really excited about this season,” and then you ask me, “Luke, why should everyone come to our games this year?” and hand me the mic. And I’ll look at the football team, and say, “Well Tim… (stands up) that’s because we will actually be winning our games this year.” (Luke closes his eyes, raises his hands and tilts his head back, as applause roars from the stands.)


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