Ancient history: Naive poetry: The Rise and Fall of Bliss

I wrote this poem in two parts, two years apart. Parts I and II were written during a time I consider to be somewhat dark for me, mentally speaking. Parts III and IV were written as I was about to graduate from college, with a pretty sunny overall outlook.



Vision was blind, now is clear;

Hundreds of thoughts between two ears.

Truths were hidden, now revealed;

Revelations occurring, knowledge sealed.


What have I lost in the depths of ignorance?



Hopelessly waiting for the distant sunrise,

Heart beating, blood stains my eyes.

Soul mutilated, twisted beyond all control,

No chance of survival, just paying the toll.


When did the days start passing me by?



Years have passed, but you don’t leave.

Every interaction, every effort to breathe.

My closest friend, now departed from here

A once clear mind is clouded with fear.


How can I find the strength to end this strife?



Astounded by the foolishness of a wasted past,

Humbled by a life’s worth of poor decisions.

The long adrift has finally been found.

Reparations may take a lifetime to complete, yet


You have conquered millions and I stand unbowed.


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